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The RJ Farhan Show

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He serves as the creative producer and radio jockey of Radio Next 93.2 FM (Nitol-Niloy Group) and a presenter of BBC Media Action. He is the host of Listeners Diary

Bangladeshi singer who became known to television audiences as a contestant on Bangladeshi Idol in 2013. He has since showcased his talents in songs like “Dur Akash Chui.”

Shouvik Ahmed is a very popular Bangladeshi YouTube personality, Bangladeshi TV actor, Singer, Dancer, Rj. Shouvik is a Brand Ambassador at Banglalink Digital Content. He is also Producer at Bongo BD and Entertainer at Gaan Friendz.  Shouvik also Rj at Radio Next 93.2 FM.Bangladeshi YouTube personality who is widely known for comprising one-half of the […]

I'm shy, now come and say hi. Mama's girl, Aongon. Favorite color black n white. Basically I have a perfect combination of black and white on me. Which means I'm a gray person. Stubborn Sagittarius. Love to smile, love to travel. One day I'll go for a world tour with Ammu. Good food, good books n good music are my best friends. N rain drops??just hate them. For me "Dream" is the best word. Now "Antio Sas".

You heard about a girl next door who is carefully careless? No…? Yeah that’s me lol…. I’m Ahona, means light of dawn. Love the sunshine hate the rain. Favorite color is red, black, blue, white and purple. Basically, I love color pencils, music and microphone (magic that matters). I believe in zodiacs. I’m an arrogant Aries which also indicates I’m friendly, kind, passionate and confident at the same time. Being straight forward is both the best and worst thing about me. Though everyone borns being the prince/princess of parents hence, reality is different. Here no one can live being the apple of every eye .So I hardly bother about who thinks what of me! Let things be as they are, that’s how it is, that’s how it gonna go. The world is round and I don’t like travelling around it 😛 However I love to wave dreams . I do wanna be the me , the tale of a freedom loving , independent Lady “The Ahona” .

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Backup Bipro- Any Where, Any Time. Comedian turned Radio Jockey, Currently working as a Producer at Radio next. Interested in working in new platforms and trying out new stuff is his passion. Lived his early day at Darjeeling finished Schooling then shifted to Dhaka. Out of his many hobbies are Debating, Photography, Cricket, Coin Collecting, […]

I’ve been a graphic designer for 5 years. I was 20 when i fall in love with graphic design and this relationship still continues. My first design was a brochure for friend of mine. I was very satisfied with it and thought how brilliant and modern it was. When i look at it know,I can’t […]